Scalable Blockchain for Offline Payments over Bidirectional Channels

funded by NSERC Engage Grant
This project provides the first opportunity for Prof. Victor Leung's research group at UBC to collaborate with RightMesh, a startup focusing on offering a novel wireless data service in heterogeneous mobile ad hoc networks. At RightMesh, scientists and engineers have created a new technology platform and protocols for connecting users in an ad hoc wireless mesh network, and in so doing, creating new connectivity options to billions of unconnected users around the world. With RightMesh, the devices people already carry around every day form the infrastructure. The key principle is that the RightMesh network is self-forming, self-healing, and self-regulating. It runs on devices most of the world already uses and can easily afford. No additional hardware or infrastructure is required. A decentralized mobile mesh networking platform, powered by blockchain technology and tokenization, can put the power of connectivity back into the hands of the people. The collaborative research leverages the experience of the UBC team on ad hoc networks, device-to-device communications, network security and blockchain technology in the development of a payment channel system to enable payment transactions in support of people sharing information or network resources over ad hoc networks. The project is divided into two tasks: (1) bidirectional payment channel design for multiple parties, and (2) architecture design for offline payment with payment channel. This project enables an initial collaborative research engagement between RightMesh and UBC with the intention of developing a long-term partnership to advance Canadian technologies for blockchain and the micropayment of cryptocurrency, which will potentially attract substantial investments and provide many employment opportunities for highly skilled workers over the next decade.

Current Member:

  • Prof. Victor Leung (Professor, PI)
  • Dr. Wei Cai (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Dr. Zehua Wang (Postdoctoral Research Fellow)
  • Zhen Hong (Master Candidate)
  • Xuan Luo (Master Candidate)
  • Ziqiao Lin (Undergraduate Intern)

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